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It’s all about the values

Our ambassadors represent the values and message we are trying to get across. Wether you are a fitness enthusiast or a professional figure athlete, our products may help you reach your goal in a faster and healthier way.

Athlete / Coach

Luis Esteban Perez

Luis is an avid fitness enthusiast since an early age. He started in the young ranks of the state athletism team (Track and Field) and from then on, he has never stopped. He has gotten several CrossFit certifications, including Gymnastics (Level 1) and Mobility (Level 1). He also competes in regional events and has been participating on the Open for 4 years straight.

  1. Athletism State Team (Zulia). 1996-1999. 400mts and Javelin throw.
  2. Crossfit Trainer Level 1. July 2014.
  3. Crossfit Mobility Trainer. January 2015.
  4. Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer. May 2015.
  5. 7th Place. Scaled. FitGames 2014.
  6. 2nd Place. Masters FitGames 2015
  7. 1st Place. Masters FitGames 2016
Figure Athlete / Ambassador

Daniela Guerrero

To Daniela, being fit is “all about consistency”. She is a Certified IFBB Personal Trainer and a Social Communicator. She loves to learn more and more about fitness in general and the fitness industry as a whole. She is currently in preparations for her NPC debut in Florida.

  1. 2016 National Champion Overall Bikini (Venezuela)
  2. 2nd Place at South American Championship 2015
  3. Regional champion 2015. (Caracas, Venezuela)
Athlete / Ambassador

Carlos Bustos


Ginel Alvarado

Athlete / Ambassador

Ricardo Sobalvarro