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PRO Aminos – Recovery & Hydration


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  • Combination of Essential Amino Acids.
  • Improves muscle recovery.
  • Improves exercise performance.
  • Aids in lean muscle growth.
  • Improves endurance.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Increases protein synthesis.

PRO Aminos - Recovery & Hydration

Get all the areas covered: recovery, hydration, performance and endurance. Don’t worry, we got you. Our signature BCAA’s mix, designed specially to keep you active, hydrated and focused on your most intense workouts.

Valine, Leucine and Iso-Leucine

The cousins Valine, Leucine and Iso-Leucine are important and essential amino acids. They act as carriers to assist muscles in synthesizing other aminos needed to form muscle tissue.

BCAA’s are anabolic and anti-catabolic, in simpler terms, they increase protein synthesis and increase the release of hormones and insulin. They also help to keep a healthy testosterone-to-cortisol ratio.

In short, taking BCAA’s will result in gains in strength, muscularity, performance and delayed fatigue. Taking BCAA’s also aids weight loss process since they allow the body to burn fat and not muscle.


Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles – over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine. It consists of 19% nitrogen, making it the primary transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells.

Glutamine is the most important component of muscle protein, it helps repair and build muscle. It prevents your muscles from being “eaten-up” and may serve to aid your immune system, it’s also one of the most important nutrients for your intestines.


Electrolytes are minerals that break into small, electrically-charged particles called ions when they dissolve in water.

During exercise the electrolyte balance can shift, as we lose electrolytes through sweat, the imbalance can result in muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea.

Sodium helps maintain normal blood pressure. Magnesium aids in healthy cell function and Potassium helps regulate energy.

Supplement Facts

As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop before or after your workout, with water or juice or as directed by the practitioner.


5 kcal










Instant 4:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine)



L-Citruline Malate


Electrolyte Blend

500 (Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate & Magnesium Citrate)


Purple Passion Fruit, Juicy Watermelon

Shipping Info

Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for PRO Aminos – Recovery & Hydration

  1. Marcela

    Marcela (verified owner)

    Excelente sabor y da demasiada energía durante todo el entrenamiento! Me encantó!!!


    I definitely love it! Great taste and give energy over the workout time!

  2. maria alejandra

    maria alejandra (verified owner)

    uno de los mejores aminos del mundo! y el sabor es increibleeeee!!

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